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Auto Dismantling Yard Melbourne

Unwanted, damaged, non- runners, cars, vans, campers, any make, any model.

Auto Dismantling Yard Melbourne

  • Q. How can I sell my car but for the highest possible cash offer

  • A. Telephone 0411 704 458 and we will make you a cash offer

Auto Dismantling Yard Melbourne specialises in the collection and disposal of unwanted Old car / vans / campers and salvage. Fully licensed and legal car removal of unwanted vehicles or scrap. All paperwork filled in and returned to transport agency. All vehicles collected on a transporter / low loader, so why not sell your car.

Unwanted or old Cars Collected from Melbourne – North Melbourne, East Melbourne, West London Melbourne

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Auto Dismantling Yard Melbourne Pay THE BEST CASH Prices For:

Old cars/ vans
Broken down Cars
Non- runners
RW failures
Damaged cars
Classic cars and campers
Any age any mileage
Top prices paid for year 1990 + vehicles
Any Car – Any Condition
Cash for your Old Car

Free collection of all unwanted cars
Local Recovery service available – Fast and Friendly service!

Melbourne vic wreckers are based in Dandenong boarding South Melbourne. We are well equipped to provide salvage, vehicle removal, old car clearance, and car removal services (late model car salvage bought), insurance write off, car recycling, storage for accident damage vehicles. Contact us for a friendly discussion no matter what your requirements are.

We offer a fast removal car service and generally have agents all around Melbourne and Victoria, as soon as you place an old car on the system the information is sent to the local agent in your area. we buy old and Unwanted cars for cash.

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