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Is it worth selling your old car in Victoria?

Is it worth selling your old car in Victoria?

Depending on the quality and condition of your car, it may well be worth selling your old car in Victoria. There are plenty of reputable companies that can offer competitive prices when it comes to selling your old car.

Here are just some of the things you should consider when selling your old car, to ensure it is worthwhile.

Conditions of the car

If your car is old, but still in a reasonable condition to drive, then it is most certainly worth selling it as you can get a good price if you choose to trade with a reputable dealership. This is a great way to make the sale worthwhile, especially if you don’t need a car anymore, it has become too costly to run, or you have upgraded to a new vehicle.

It is still a good idea to sell your old car, even if it is not in a condition to be driven. Unbeknown to some, there are plenty of other options you can choose from, for example, you can sell your car to be recycled, or used as scrap metal, or spare parts. A car dealership or car wrecker can help you free yourself from the burden of an unrepairable car that you cannot sell. These options are great, especially if your car has been in an accident, has damage to the body of the vehicle or missing parts, or just doesn’t run as at times, repairs can start to cost more than the car itself. This option means you can still earn money from your vehicle and the sale makes it worthwhile.

Conditions of the sale

Selling your old car can be made worth it if you find the right dealer to sell to. Make sure you look for a company that does not have any hidden charges or fees. A trusted dealership should be able to offer you a no-obligation quote to begin with, so you can weigh up all your options. Selling your car can often be a nuisance, as you have to clean your car, place a costly advertisement, take pictures, schedule viewings, deal with negotiations, and much more. Selling your car in Victoria can take the hassle out of trying to sell it privately.

You’ll need to find a dealer who specialises in a variety of options so that you can find one that best suits your situation, condition of the car and make it worthwhile.


It is certainly worth selling your car in Victoria from a sustainability point of view as well. Not only can you get money for your car, regardless of what condition it is in, but you are also promoting good economical practice. If your car cannot be sold to drive, it would usually end up in a landfill. Selling it to be used as spare parts, scrap metal or recycled, means that you are reducing the rubbish that is put into landfills, and making a positive contribution to the maintenance of the planet. Dealerships can use the vehicle to refurbish into new cars, recycle into steel products to be utilised in other lines of work, and can be made into a new vehicle.

There are many reasons why selling your car in Victoria is worthwhile.