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Car Salvage Epping

Selling Unwanted Vehicle to Wreckers in Epping

Victoria wreckers offer more than just cash for your cars; we are the preferred choice car removals for your vehicle regardless of how old or what condition it is in.

Dealing with us is simple and easy,with no hassles, if you cant drop off your car we at Car Salvage Epping will come collect your unwanted or old vehicle at your door step and pay you cash instantly.

We deal with cars throughout Victoria State:

Our team members are highly qualified, efficient and reliable and can assist you whenever needed. Our aim is to provided our clients with the best help in getting rid of their old vehicle. Our quotes are FREE of Charge.

Car Salvage Epping

As we are Victoria’s most Trusted and No 1 Scrap Car Buying Company, we make sure that our customers are happy and smiling when they leave us after disposing off their unwanted vehicle.

You can get started by contacting us to assist you with your unwanted car. Just provide us with your details and our professional drivers we will be there to assist you with your vehicle.

Scrap Car Removal Epping

Today, more than 95% of all vehicles go through a market-driven recycling infrastructure, with no added cost or tax to customers. More than 75 %, by weight, of each end-of-life vehicle (ELV) is recycled.

Getting rid of your Old Car, Unwanted Car, Damaged Cars, Scrap Cars Removal, Junk Car, Free Car Removal, Car Wrecked, Smashed Cars and Car Disposal, throughout Epping area is easy when you call Car Salvage Epping. We pay cash on the spot for your scrap car removal.

Once we take your Scrap Car the process begins with incoming vehicles being inventoried for parts. Then, auto recyclers start the engine in order to inspect for leaks. After inventory, fluids are drained and removed. After the fluids are removed, the final remaining hazardous materials such as battery, mercury, and sodium azide (the propellant used in air bags) are removed.After all of the parts and products inside are removed, the remaining shell of the vehicle is crushed and recycled.