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What is the Procedure for Scrapping a Vehicle in Melbourne?

Your old car can land you in trouble for many reasons. If you’re not able to get rid of it, your property is filled with it. You may need some space in your garage to park your new car. Old and unwanted cars must be removed from your property to save some precious space. If you have an old or junk car, scrap it now. Want to scrap your vehicle? Well, if you’re in Melbourne, just don’t worry as we at Vic Wreckers have you covered.

We are a top platform where you can scrap your old car and get top dollar against it. We offer all-inclusive car removal services in all suburbs of Melbourne. You can connect with us anytime and let us remove our junk cars from your property. Our process is simple and convenient. Here is how you can scrap your vehicle at Vic Wreckers.

Give Us a Call or Email us With Essential Information

First of all, give us a call or email us with necessary details. We would like some important information from you. Let us know the make, model and condition of your car even though they don’t matter. It is just for information as you can buy all types of vehicles. We can buy our old cars, jeeps, trucks or any other vehicle. In addition, we can buy your vehicles in any condition. So, determine your address at which we would come and arrange the pick up of your scrap car.

Get an Instant Free Quote!

After you determine the condition of your vehicle, we give an instant free quote. Yes, we have experts who know the value of your car and without even assessing your vehicle, we can let you know the worth of your car. There are a few factors that matter in vehicle assessment. Anyway, we can give you a free quote via phone or email if you want.

Let us Arrange the Pick Up of Your Vehicle

We offer same day service at Vic Wreckers. As you determine all your details along with the address, we come right at your door and arrange the pick up of your car. We make sure there are no delays and you get paid on the spot before even we remove the car from your property.

Eco-Friendly Car Removal & Scrapping of Your Vehicle

After car removal from your property, we offer car towing services. At Vic Wreckers, we understand our responsibility towards the safety of the environment. Therefore, we provide the most eco-friendly car wrecking services.

Get Top Cash on the Spot

At Vic Wreckers, we make sure you get great value for scrapping your car. We pay you on the spot and make sure it is a top dollar. Yes, get top cash for your scrap car from us. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call now or email us to get things underway. Get free car removal and scrapping services, and get top dollar for your scrap vehicles.

Do Auto Wreckers Take A Vehicle That Has No Tyres

Do Auto Wreckers Take A Vehicle That Has No Tyres?

One of the questions that you might be asking yourself is whether or not auto wreckers take a vehicle that has no tyres? The simple answer is yes, most of them do. However, not all of them will accept this so you will need to check with the company that you are checking out to see which category they fall into. For example, absolutely do take vehicles that have no tyres and are happy to pay a fair price for it as well.

Selling Your Car

Instead of scrapping your car and only getting minimal amounts of money for it, you should look into selling your car to an auto wrecker who will pay you an even better price. If you sell to a company such as Vic Wreckers, then they are going to come and pick up your car for you, pay for this whole process and pay you for your vehicle. It’s really a great offer for you, and one that you should certainly take up.

When There’s No Wheels

When an auto wrecker purchases a car, there’s no guarantee as to what is going to be done with it. For example, it may be used for parts, or it might be restored by someone who has the means to do this. It’s for this reason that some car wreckers don’t care if the vehicle has wheels or not. It is all going to depend on a number of things, but most places will still take your car even if it is missing this part of it.

Wheels are not the most important part anyway, and often they are gotten rid of for having a puncture or for being run down in some way. As such, it’s a less important requirement than some of the other parts of the vehicle.

Condition Of The Vehicle

Car Wreckers don’t expect to receive a top-quality vehicle that is pristine, clean and completely damage free. In fact, they likely wouldn’t accept this as this is not the business that they are in. The point is that you shouldn’t be worried about the state of your car, as they have probably seen worse. A lot of people are conscious about selling their vehicle when it is in bad condition, but you shouldn’t be as this is literally the point of the company.

All you need to do is be honest about what kind of state the vehicle is in, and everything is going to be fine. Take note of all the damage to it and imperfections because you may be asked about them.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now have a little bit more information on auto wreckers and whether or not they are willing to take vehicles that don’t have tyres. If you are thinking of selling your car, make sure it’s to Vic Wreckers! Get in touch today and have a friendly member of the team help you to get the ball rolling.

Scrap My HiAce Melbourne

Best Melbourne Toyota Hiace Wreckers

Vic Wreckers is well known as one of the leading auto wreckers in Melbourne for Toyota Hiace & Minibus.

You can sell all new, old, broken, junk, scrap and unwanted Toyota Hiace. It does not make much of a difference to us that whether your Toyota van is dead and completely inoperable or slightly used. We buy all vehicle regardless of their condition prepare a highest paying quote.

Scrap My HiAce Melbourne

The cash we offer for your damaged, write-off, broken, used and unwanted Toyota vans may go as high as $19,000. Compared to the rest of the commercial wreckers around Melbourne, we pay the best prices. And not only that, the payments we make are done faster than any other car removal companies.


Some of the Hiace models that we purchase regularly are as under.

Even if any model (1989-2020) is not listed below, we buy that as well.

  • Toyota Granvia Van
  • H100
  • Toyota Hiace Ambulance
  • H200.
  • HiAce Super Long Wheelbase (SLWB) Van
  • Toyota Van
  • Toyota Super Custom,
  • Townace
  • Toyota Hiace Van super long high roof
  • Grand Hiace
  • Toyota Hiace Commuter
  • Toyota Touring HiAce (xH10)
  • Toyota H50
  • Toyota Regius HiAce,
  • Toyota Grand HiAce,
  • Toyota Wagon 2.4DT Super Custom,
  • Toyota Wagon 3.0DT Custom,
  • Toyota Hiace minivan (MPV),
  • Toyota Hiace minibus,

So what are you waiting for? Feel free to reach us. You can contact via call as well as the website.


Our car wrecking and recycling routine are quite simple. We require you to provide is with just the basic details. This includes

  1. The model of your van and the year it was manufactured
  2. The mileage on your van
  3. Overall condition of your vehicle; whether it is slightly used, broken, old but in good shape, completely wrecked or accidental etc.
  4. And your contact information; name, phone, email and address

Scrap My HiAce Melbourne team has a very simple way to get you the top dollar deal for your Toyota Hiace. You can contact us by signing up for a free car evaluation. You can do this by either filling a quick quote form online or by calling our customer support.

Our friendly staff records all the necessary details and lets you know their best offer. Soon after which you can make a sale deal with our Scrap My HiAce Melbourne. We buy old and near new Hiace for wrecking and recycling purpose. Our car wrecking process is entirely environmentally friendly.

Toyota Van Parts Melbourne

If you’re an owner of a Toyota van and need a spare part for your HiAce, look no further than Vic wreckers, your Toyota Wreckers – experts in quality recycled car parts since 2000. We have a huge range of quality Toyota spare parts, Toyota auto dismantling is our specialty! We know Toyota’s inside out and the part you need can be delivered to you – fast!

We work with many automotive companies to bring you the very best recycled car parts that you need.

We take the business of car parts recycling very seriously – we clean and test each and every part before it gets stocked on our shelves. We even offer a warranty on every car part for your peace of mind. For fast turn around and quality customer service, Vic wreckers is your number one Scrap My HiAce Melbourne.

Our commercial wreckers stock is hand picked and includes all Japanese makes & models of:

  • 3.0 Litre 1KD-FTV Turbo Diesel
  • 2.5 Litre 2KD-FTV Turbo Diesel
  • 2.4 Litre Petrol
  • All Engines are Run and Tested

We work hard to provide our customers with only the highest-quality used auto parts. Consumer confidence means a lot to us that’s why we offer quality second hand car parts. Vic wreckers also offer delivery (via freight company) and towing services. For more information, please call us 0411704458 or drive into our auto scrap yards and speak to one of our friendly staff members.

Find our Australian Toyota HiAce salvage yards outside Victoria:

Junk My Audi

How to Sell My Unwanted Audi in Melbourne?

Junk My Audi – Guide to Wrecking Audi for Cash

Junk My Audi

If you are looking for an expert Audi breakers to sell your unwanted Audi to, with the knowledge and expertise to offer you the fairest of prices on your Audi and safely dismantle your car to sell for parts, why not get in touch with Victoria Wreckers?

Coming to the conclusion that it is time to Junk My Audi, can sometimes be difficult, however, when you choose us, as we are German car dismantlers, you can be sure that your car will be put to good use. We sell high quality used Audi parts, for most models of Audi, which means that if you want to sell my Audi, we will take any model off your hands.










How it works?

  1. Simply fill in the enquiry form with your Audi car details
  2. We will contact you within two hours and give you an instant cash quote
  3. We arrange a suitable time to come and collect your Audi
  4. We arrange for your car to be disposed of at an auto salvage facility

Why Vic Wreckers?

  • We give instant cash on removal
  • We buy finance Audi by clearing the balance
  • We collect Audi anywhere you want in Victoria
  • We buy scrap Audi cars
  • We offer free car valuation

What Affects my Audi Scrap Value?

When scrapping an Audi, the price that you will receive will be most affected by the weight of your Audi vehicle. Beyond that, the model of the Audi, its age, any damage it has received, and its general condition will also affect the price.

Call today or complete the form to the left to find out what the scrap value of your Audi, we will contact you within 2 hours with a price for your Audi. We also offer a free car collection service and all of our drivers are licensed car removal carriers.

For example, if the average price of an Audi being scrapped was AUD4000, then an Audi model that would be displayed in our table as worth 40% when scrapped would potentially be worth around AUD1600.

Model % of Audi Price
Audi 4 75%
Audi 3 75%
Audi 6 70%
Audi Q7 65%
Audi A1 60%
Audi A5 60%
Audi A6 55%
Audi Q3 55%
Audi S3 50%
Audi RS 50%
Audi Q8 40%

*All data recorded between August 2018 and June 2020

We scrap all models of Audi including: A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q2, Q3, Q5, Q7, Q8, TT, R8, RS3, RS6, RS7 and more.

Buy Used Audi Parts from Vic Wreckers Company

Also, as we are leaders in the quality car parts market, if you need any used Audi parts, we’ll more than likely have it in stock. Buying and breaking Audi cars is one of our specialties, and we’ll make sure that every single part that is sold is in a good, clean, working condition.

  • Audi A3 (8L, 8P), Audi A4 (B5,B6,B7,B8), Audi A4 Turbo,
  • Audi A6 (C5, C6), Audi A6 Allroad Turbo, Audi A8(4D, 4E),
  • Q5, Volkswagen Passagner Vehicles,
  • POLO (9N, 6Q) GOLFS ( 4,5,6,7), JETTA (1k), PASSAT (3B,3C) plus lots more.

If you decide to Junk My Audi, we’ll always offer you a fair quote, and although getting rid of a Audi car can sometimes be difficult, making sure you get the best price should make it easier.


If you’re looking to scrap your Audi, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. We can help you find the best price for your Audi, sourced through our trusted and certified network of buyers, and get it scrapped without any hassle. Click cash for cars to get a quote for your Audi and find out how much it could be worth.

We service large area of Victoria region! Some of the towns we service are:

Car Removal Noble Park


Whether you’re a DIY car mechanic or a person who wants to get money for an old car, rely on Victoria wreckers in Melbourne. We offer both money for junk cars and great savings on used auto parts.

Sell your Unwanted Vehicle to Vic Wreckers

Car Removal Noble Park

Do you have a car that just uses up space or costs you money to store? Car Removal Noble Park can help. We buy end life vehicles, which means you get money and an old car off your hands.

Find the Auto Parts you Need

Need a hard-to-find, old, or used part for a car you’re working on or your current car? Rely on us at VIC Wreckers Since we buy used cars, vans & scrap trucks we offer lots of affordable auto parts. You can view our inventory online, call us to inquire, or stop by our store.

Get in Touch With Us Today

Whatever your reason for our services, call us at 0411 704 458 for any questions you have about buying or selling used cars. Whether you want to find auto parts, buy salvage cars, or get rid of your old car, our knowledgeable staff is here to help.

Who Pays The Most for Junk Cars in Dandenong?

Simply put, we do. We screen other local junk yards to ensure that what we pay beats the competition. In this way, you can always be sure that the price we provide is not only competitive, but the best in the greater Dandenong area.

Our Car Removal Noble Park Process:

  1.  Simply contact us with the year, make, and model
  2.  Small description of what is wrong with your vehicle.
  3.  We then provide you with the highest quote possible.
  4.  Schedule your junk car removal for FREE pick up.
  5.  Driver pays you cash on the spot upon removal.

Why VIC Wreckers?

As one of the most respected auto salvage companies in the industry, we keep the process honest and fair for all our customers.

  • Every car, no matter the condition of the vehicle or its make, model or year, has value.
  • We keep the process quick, so you can get on with your day.
  • We provide cash on the spot at the time of delivery or pick up.
  • We provide free towing if your vehicle is not in driving condition.

Green Auto Recycling & Top Cash Car Removal

When we buy all sort of cars South-East of Melbourne, we always recycle & dismantle our acquired cars with strict recycling procedures at our Melbourne car wrecking yard, which are regulated & ensured to be environmentally safe.

All cars must drain all of the hazardous liquids, gases and fluids, which are retrieved by a designated & licensed local hazardous waste company. You can be sure that your used vehicle will be dismantled properly at our scrapyard.