What is the Procedure for Scrapping a Vehicle in Melbourne?

Your old car can land you in trouble for many reasons. If you’re not able to get rid of it, your property is filled with it. You may need some space in your garage to park your new car. Old and unwanted cars must be removed from your property to save some precious space. If you have an old or junk car, scrap it now. Want to scrap your vehicle? Well, if you’re in Melbourne, just don’t worry as we at Vic Wreckers have you covered.

We are a top platform where you can scrap your old car and get top dollar against it. We offer all-inclusive car removal services in all suburbs of Melbourne. You can connect with us anytime and let us remove our junk cars from your property. Our process is simple and convenient. Here is how you can scrap your vehicle at Vic Wreckers.

Give Us a Call or Email us With Essential Information

First of all, give us a call or email us with necessary details. We would like some important information from you. Let us know the make, model and condition of your car even though they don’t matter. It is just for information as you can buy all types of vehicles. We can buy our old cars, jeeps, trucks or any other vehicle. In addition, we can buy your vehicles in any condition. So, determine your address at which we would come and arrange the pick up of your scrap car.

Get an Instant Free Quote!

After you determine the condition of your vehicle, we give an instant free quote. Yes, we have experts who know the value of your car and without even assessing your vehicle, we can let you know the worth of your car. There are a few factors that matter in vehicle assessment. Anyway, we can give you a free quote via phone or email if you want.

Let us Arrange the Pick Up of Your Vehicle

We offer same day service at Vic Wreckers. As you determine all your details along with the address, we come right at your door and arrange the pick up of your car. We make sure there are no delays and you get paid on the spot before even we remove the car from your property.

Eco-Friendly Car Removal & Scrapping of Your Vehicle

After car removal from your property, we offer car towing services. At Vic Wreckers, we understand our responsibility towards the safety of the environment. Therefore, we provide the most eco-friendly car wrecking services.

Get Top Cash on the Spot

At Vic Wreckers, we make sure you get great value for scrapping your car. We pay you on the spot and make sure it is a top dollar. Yes, get top cash for your scrap car from us. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call now or email us to get things underway. Get free car removal and scrapping services, and get top dollar for your scrap vehicles.